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We have been working with Ted Cachart (RAF 49 Squadron Association) on the production of a CD version of ‘Handle With Care’, a collection of prison camp sketches drawn and written in Prison Camps in Germany during the Second World War, by R. ‘Andy’ Anderson and David Westmacott.

The cartoons in “Handle With Care” will not appeal to everyone but they provide a wonderful pictorial record of part of our life in German prisoner of war camps. I know that all ex-kriegies will chuckle and reflect on the unique experiences we shared, and the uncertainty regarding how it would all end.

Air Force prisoners were a cross-section of society at the time and this generated a brotherhood and bond which has stood the test of time. The Royal Air Forces Ex-Prisoners of War Association continues to bring us together after the passage of over sixty years.

“Andy” Anderson and David Westmacott are to be congratulated for providing such an amusing record and we have to thank Ted Cachart for taking so much trouble to have the book reprinted for the benefit of our Charity Fund, which provides financial assistance to all air force ex-prisoners of war.

Charles Clarke

Air Commodore

24th October 2005

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