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Historic documents
presented on CD

The articles in TEE EMM covered a wide range of topics - use of homing pigeons in heavy bombers; air sea rescue buoys anchored at sea as shelters for ditched aircrew; regular ‘What is the Hun doing?’; detailed instructions in use of  bomb sights; aircraft or equipment lost through negligence or failure to follow procedures - learning from another fellow’s experience.

Throughout, the publications were illustrated by cartoons depicting Pilot Officer Prune - a hapless clot no one would wish to emulate.

Follow the link below to see a compilation of pages from the scans. It’s a large file so please be patient.

TEE EMM Sampler2.pdf.


We have been loaned a collection of the publication TEE EMM,

which were issued as a restricted document to RAF Aircrew during the Second World War.

They contain a variety of articles and cartoons, especially of Pilot Officer Prune,

to illustrate how others have got things wrong or how they should be done.  The first issue was in April 1941 and the last in March 1946.

We have now completed the long task of scanning every page and reproducing every single edition ever published. You can now read these 60 splendid publications (including pictures and diagrams) on your computer. Each magazine is easily accessed from a menu and is read using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is included on the CD.

We donate 50p from each TEE EMM sale to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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